Single Origin Cups

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This naturally processed coffee offers a bright, sweet flavor along with a classic nutty taste. P..
A rich full bodied coffee and great for all occasions. A portion of proceeds from this coffee are..
Colombian - FTC™ Organic
This coffee mandates a minimum wage paid to cooperatives participating in Fair Trade Certified™Co..
Colombian Decaf
Our Colombian "Super Decaf" utilizes a natural process for decaffeination. Most decaf coffees use..
Costa Rica
Possesses a great balance of brightness, aroma, body, and acidity. A truly great all around cup o..
Ethiopia Harrar
A fruity, vividly intense flavorful coffee. This medium roasted coffee is for the more adventurou..
Ethiopia Yergecheffe
Displays delicate floral & citrus notes in a medium roast. ..
Mexico Cristal Alamos
This lighter roasted coffee is sweet and mellow. ..
Sumatra - FTC™ Organic
A classic big bodied flavorful variety. This coffee is grown and produced without using chemicals..
Sumatra Mandeling
A truly sweet, rich and full bodied coffee in a medium roast. ..
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