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Roma Kawa

Our driving purpose and passion at Roma Kawa Coffee Roasters (pronounced roma kava) is the pursuit of a better cup of coffee. Ours is the kind of coffee that you dream of right before bed. The morning comes and you're ready for that wonderful aroma, flavor and those savory sips. Or perhaps it's the afternoon and you need a special cup of coffee that actually makes you stop and relax.


To capture that special coffee experience and make it real, Roma Kawa starts with the best quality coffee beans from around the world. Next we FRESH roast your coffee beans with great detail, precision and care. The roasting process really is a craft that we can manipulate to produce astounding coffee.

Tips for outstanding Roma Kawa coffee.
  1. Use freshly roasted Roma Kawa coffee beans.
  2. Grind coffee just prior to brewing using the correct grind for your brewer and use two tablespoons per 6oz cup.
  3. Use cold filtered water. Bottled water works great as well. Avoid the use of softened water. After brewing, pour the coffee into a vacuum pot or thermos. Flavor will deteriorate if coffee is left on a burner.
  4. Store coffee sealed in a cool dry place.
  5. Clean and de-scale coffee making equipment often.
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